How to Write a Strong IB IA Proposal?

How to Write a Strong IB IA Proposal - A student writing an IB IA proposal with a pen and notebook.

How to Write a Strong IB IA Proposal – explore the key components of an IB IA proposal, including selecting a research question, conducting background research, outlining the methodology, and considering the IA criteria specific to your subject.

Top 10 Tips for Excelling in IB Exams

IB Exams

Excel in your IB exams with our top 10 tips, aimed at guiding you through understanding the exam structure, mastering effective study techniques, managing study time, utilizing technology, and preparing for the exam day

Mastering the IB Math IA Deadline for 2023

Student working diligently on their IB Math IA project

Discover essential time management tips and tricks to conquer the IB Math IA deadline for 2023. This fun and informative guide helps students plan effectively, choose the right topic, and maximize their IB scores while navigating the Math IA with confidence.