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As someone with a background in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, I’ve come to appreciate the unique challenges and opportunities it presents, especially regarding the IB DP Economics Extended Essay (EE). From my extensive experience, I can say that choosing the right topic is an essential step in achieving a high score. That’s why I’m happy to share some ideas on engaging and researchable IB Economics Extended Essay topics.

The Basics of an Economics Extended Essay

Let’s talk about what an Economics EE involves. According to the general IB criteria, this essay requires you to conduct independent research on a topic of interest in Economics, culminating in a 4,000-word paper. From my perspective, the beauty of IB DP Economics EE lies in its ability to explore complex global issues through the lens of economic theory and principles.

In my experience, the most successful economics EEs are born from a genuine passion for the subject matter. Here’s a non-exhaustive list of considerations that might help to choose a topic:

  • Aim for a topic that reflects ongoing discussions within the field of economics. It could range from the impact of blockchain technology on financial markets to the economic consequences of climate change policies.
  • Ensure sufficient data is available to support your research. Topics with accessible and reliable data sources allow for a more in-depth analysis and a stronger argument.
  • Choose a topic that allows you to apply economic theories and concepts. It may involve analyzing market structures, evaluating economic policies, or exploring consumer behavior factors.
  • Your topic should spark curiosity and engagement. Writing about something you’re genuinely interested in can make the research process more enjoyable and fulfilling.
  • Consider the feasibility of your topic within the given word count and time constraints. Find a topic broad enough to explore in depth but narrow enough to be thoroughly analyzed within 4,000 words.

A high-grade economics EE doesn’t just summarize data or describe an economic situation. It critically engages with economic theories and models to analyze that data. It might involve applying the concepts of supply and demand, elasticity, market structures, or the theories of consumer choice to your chosen topic.

Topics to Read:

Extended Essay Topics in Economics: The Best Ideas

As mentioned above, creating an engaging and rigorous IB Extended Essay in Economics starts with choosing a theme for investigation. Below are some topics and research questions spanning various aspects of economics.

extended essay topics economics

These ideas can inspire and guide IB students in their quest for a fascinating research project:

  1. The Impact of COVID-19 on Small Businesses in New York City. How have small businesses in New York City adapted to the economic challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic?
  2. Cryptocurrencies and the Global Economy. How do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies influence global trade and financial markets?
  3. Sustainable Agriculture and Economic Development in India. Can sustainable agriculture significantly contribute to economic development in India?
  4. The Economics of Renewable Energy in Germany. How cost-effective are renewable energy sources compared to traditional fossil fuels in Germany?
  5. Globalization and Local Economies in Mexico. What is the impact of globalization on Mexico’s manufacturing sector?
  6. Minimum Wage and Employment Rates in the UK Retail Industry. How does introducing a minimum wage affect employment rates in the UK retail industry?
  7. Economic Implications of Climate Change Policies in the European Union. How have climate change policies impacted economic growth in the European Union?
  8. Consumer Behavior and E-commerce in China. How has the proliferation of online shopping platforms like Alibaba changed consumer behavior in China?
  9. Market Structure and Competition in the Telecommunications Industry of South Korea. How does the market structure affect consumer prices and service quality in South Korea’s telecommunications industry?
  10. Income Inequality and Economic Growth in Brazil. Does income inequality hinder economic growth in Brazil?
  11. The Economics of Education and Its Impact on Economic Growth in Finland. How does the level of education affect economic growth in Finland?
  12. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Economic Development in Vietnam. What role does FDI play in Vietnam’s economic development?
  13. Tourism Economics and Economic Development in Thailand. How does tourism contribute to the economic development of Thailand?
  14. Economic Impact of Health Crises on the Healthcare Sector in Italy. What are the long-term economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Italy’s healthcare sector?
  15. Technology Startups and Economic Growth in Silicon Valley, USA. How do technology startups contribute to economic growth in Silicon Valley?
  16. Trade Policies and Agricultural Exports in Kenya. How do trade policies affect agricultural exports in Kenya?
  17. Inflation and Consumer Purchasing Power in Argentina. How does inflation affect consumer purchasing power in Argentina?
  18. The Gig Economy and Labor Markets in the United States. How does the gig economy impact traditional labor markets in the United States?
  19. Public Debt and Economic Stability in Greece. How does high public debt affect economic stability in Greece?
  20. Economic Sanctions and Their Effectiveness Against Iran. How effective are economic sanctions in achieving political objectives against Iran?
  21. Gender Inequality in the Workforce and Economic Development in Japan. What impact does gender inequality have on economic development in Japan?
  22. Economics of Recycling and Waste Management Policies in Sweden. How does the economics of recycling impact waste management policies in Sweden?
  23. Housing Markets and Economic Cycles in Canada. How do housing markets affect economic cycles in Canada?
  24. Impact of Social Media on Consumer Spending Among Teenagers in the United States. How does social media influence consumer spending habits among teenagers?
  25. The Role of Microfinance in Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh. How effective is microfinance in reducing poverty in Bangladesh?
  26. The Economic Effects of Urbanization in Lagos, Nigeria. How does rapid urbanization affect economic development and living standards in Lagos?
  27. Brexit and the UK’s Financial Services Sector. What has been Brexit’s impact on London as a global financial hub?
  28. The Economics of Plastic Ban Policies in Rwanda. How have plastic ban policies impacted the environment and economy in Rwanda?
  29. The Role of Women Entrepreneurs in Economic Development in Jordan. How do women entrepreneurs contribute to economic growth and job creation in Jordan?
  30. Impact of Digital Currency on Traditional Banking in Sweden. How is the rise of digital currency affecting traditional banking services in Sweden?
  31. Agricultural Subsidies and Food Security in India. How do agricultural subsidies impact food security and farmer welfare in India?
  32. Economic Impact of Cultural Tourism in Kyoto, Japan. What role does cultural tourism play in Kyoto’s economy?
  33. Child Labor and Economic Growth in Pakistan. How does child labor affect economic growth and development in Pakistan?
  34. The Effectiveness of Anti-Smoking Policies on Public Health Expenditures in Australia. Have anti-smoking policies significantly reduced public health expenditures in Australia?
  35. The Gig Economy and Urban Transportation in New York City. How has the gig economy transformed urban transportation in New York City?
  36. Renewable Energy Adoption and Job Creation in Germany. How has the shift towards renewable energy affected job creation in Germany?
  37. The Economic Consequences of Ageing Populations in Japan. What are the economic challenges and opportunities faced by an aging population in Japan?
  38. The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Manufacturing Jobs in China. How is artificial intelligence reshaping the manufacturing sector and employment in China?
  39. The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Consumer Spending in the Fashion Industry. How does social media marketing influence consumer spending in the fashion industry?
  40. Water Scarcity and Economic Development in Egypt. How does water scarcity impact agricultural productivity and economic development in Egypt?
  41. The Economics of Space Exploration. What are the economic benefits and costs of investing in space exploration?
  42. Impact of Sports Events on Local Economies. Case Study of the Olympics in Tokyo: How do major sports events like the Olympics affect the local economy of the host city?
  43. Sustainable Fishing Practices and Economic Viability in Norway. How do sustainable fishing practices impact the economy and environment in Norway?
  44. The Role of E-commerce in Rural Development in China. How does e-commerce contribute to economic development in rural areas of China?
  45. Economic Impacts of Natural Disasters in the Philippines. How do natural disasters affect economic growth and recovery in the Philippines?
  46. The Relationship Between Social Inequality and Economic Growth in South Africa. How does social inequality affect economic growth in South Africa?
  47. The Effect of International Sanctions on North Korea’s Economy. How have international sanctions impacted North Korea’s economy?
  48. Economic Benefits of Bilingualism in Canada. How does bilingualism contribute to economic opportunities in Canada?
  49. The Impact of Veganism on the Meat Industry in the United States. How is the rise of veganism affecting the meat industry and economy in the United States?
  50. Mobile Banking and Financial Inclusion in Kenya. How has mobile banking contributed to financial inclusion and economic development in Kenya?

These topics and research questions are intended to promote critical thinking and lay the groundwork for a thorough inquiry into various economic concerns. You can tailor these ideas to your interests and data availability for Extended Essay research.

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