70+ CAS Project Ideas for IB Students

CAS project ideas

Welcome, IB students! As a seasoned IB writer, I’ve witnessed firsthand how the right CAS project can transform your IB experience. Now, let’s get straight to it. CAS projects are not just a requirement but opportunities for learning and personal growth. In this article, I’ll share over 70 CAS project ideas, drawing from my extensive experience and knowledge of general IB criteria.

What Is a CAS Project?

In my view, a CAS project is much more than a mere requirement; it’s a unique opportunity for personal and social development. The essence of CAS — Creativity, Activity, Service — is central to the International Baccalaureate (IB) program’s holistic approach. CAS projects are a blend of learning and doing.

They encourage students to apply classroom knowledge in practical situations, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of their subjects:

  • Creativity in CAS encourages students to engage in the arts and think innovatively, promoting artistic skills and imaginative thinking.
  • The Activity component focuses on physical exertion, contributing to a healthy lifestyle, and teaching the value of physical fitness.
  • Service, the third pillar, involves participating in community work and teaching students about empathy and the importance of giving back to society.

Additionally, CAS projects are tailored to instigate personal growth. Students learn about time management, teamwork, and problem-solving by participating in varied activities. These projects are about completing a task and developing life skills essential in the real world.

CAS projects allow students to pursue interests outside the academic curriculum, providing a balanced and well-rounded education. This aspect of the IB program is especially beneficial for personal development, as it allows students to research areas they are passionate about, which can lead to newfound interests or even career paths.

So, a CAS project is an integral part of the IB curriculum that plays a crucial role in shaping well-rounded, knowledgeable, and socially responsible individuals. It’s a unique opportunity for students to learn, grow, and contribute in ways that extend beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Components of a Successful CAS Project

From my experience as an IB writer, the key to a successful CAS project lies in the harmonious integration of its three fundamental components: Creativity, Activity, and Service. A well-executed CAS project aligns with these pillars and weaves them together to enhance each aspect’s impact. It’s about finding a project that resonates with students’ passions and interests while challenging them to grow and make a difference.


This element is all about innovation and originality. A successful CAS project under this component should encourage students to think outside the box and express themselves uniquely. It’s not limited to traditional arts; it can encompass any form of creative thinking or problem-solving. Whether it’s through organizing a community art show, developing a new app to solve a local issue, or writing and directing a play, the focus is on using imagination to create something meaningful.


Physical exertion and promoting a healthy lifestyle are at the core of this component. The most impactful CAS projects under Activity encourage students to push their physical limits and understand the value of fitness and well-being. It could be anything from organizing a charity sports event, participating in a dance workshop, or even leading a campaign to promote physical health in the community. The aim is to instill a sense of discipline and the importance of physical health, often overlooked in academic settings.


This component focuses on selfless acts that benefit others. The most effective service projects address genuine needs within the community and involve a high degree of student initiative and leadership. From tutoring underprivileged children to organizing a neighborhood clean-up, the emphasis is on developing empathy, understanding social issues, and making a tangible difference in the lives of others.

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The Best CAS Project Ideas to Consider

These ideas aim to capture the essence of Creativity, Activity, and Service and provide IB students with various options based on their interests and passions:

  1. Community Mural Painting. Organize a community event to create a large-scale mural that reflects local culture or history.
  2. Beach Cleanup Drive. Coordinate a beach cleaning initiative to promote environmental awareness and community involvement.
  3. Cultural Exchange Workshop. Host a workshop where students from different cultural backgrounds can share their traditions and customs.
  4. Fitness Challenge for Charity. Initiate a fitness challenge, like a run or a cycle race, where participants raise funds for a chosen charity.
  5. Art Therapy Sessions. Conduct art therapy sessions for children or adults in need, using creativity for emotional healing.
  6. Coding Camp for Kids. Offer a coding camp or workshop for younger students or those in underprivileged communities.
  7. Senior Citizen Tech Support. Organize a program where students assist senior citizens with technology usage.
  8. Local History Documentary. Create a documentary film that explores a local historical event or figure.
  9. Sustainable Garden Project. Develop a sustainable garden at your school or community to promote environmental education.
  10. Language Tutoring for Refugees. Provide language tutoring sessions to refugees or immigrants in your community.
  11. Health Awareness Campaign. Run a campaign in your school or community to raise awareness about a specific health issue.
  12. Dance Workshop for the Disabled. Organize a dance workshop for people with disabilities, promoting inclusivity and physical activity.
  13. School Recycling Program. Implement a recycling program in your school to encourage waste reduction and environmental responsibility.
  14. Community Book Club. Start a book club focusing on literature from different cultures to promote reading and cultural understanding.
  15. Music Therapy Sessions. Conduct music therapy sessions for individuals dealing with mental health issues or stress.
  16. Youth Sports Coaching. Volunteer to coach a youth sports team, focusing on skill development and teamwork.
  17. Fashion Show for Charity. Organize a fashion show where participants create outfits from recycled materials, with proceeds going to charity.
  18. Online Safety Workshop for Parents. Develop and deliver a workshop for parents in your community on how to keep their children safe online.
  19. Cultural Food Fair. Host a fair where students can prepare and sell dishes from their cultural backgrounds, with profits from a local charity.
  20. Wildlife Conservation Awareness Campaign. Create an awareness campaign on wildlife conservation, focusing on local or global endangered species.
  21. Community Reading Program. Organize a reading program for children in local shelters or community centers.
  22. Eco-Friendly Fashion Workshop. Conduct workshops on creating eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.
  23. Mental Health Awareness Podcast. Create a podcast series focused on mental health topics relevant to teenagers.
  24. Youth Mentorship Program. Establish a mentorship program where IB students mentor younger students in their school or community.
  25. Local History Walking Tours. Develop and guide historical walking tours in your town or city.
  26. Refurbishing Local Playgrounds. Lead a project to refurbish and beautify local playgrounds.
  27. Peer Tutoring in IB Subjects. Offer tutoring sessions for fellow IB students in subjects you excel in.
  28. Environmental Documentary Film. Make a documentary film about a local environmental issue and its impact on the community.
  29. Cooking Classes for Healthy Eating. Conduct cooking classes focusing on healthy eating and nutrition.
  30. Build a Community Library. Initiate a project to build a small community library or a book exchange program.
  31. Charity Concert or Talent Show. Organize a concert or talent show to raise funds for a chosen charity.
  32. International Cuisine Night. Host a night where students cook and share dishes from different countries.
  33. Bike Repair Workshop. Set up a workshop teaching bike repair and maintenance skills.
  34. Community Art Exhibition. Organize an art exhibition featuring local artists, including students.
  35. Wildlife Rescue Volunteer. Volunteer at a wildlife rescue center and assist in the care and rehabilitation of animals.
  36. Anti-Bullying Campaign. Develop and implement an anti-bullying campaign in your school.
  37. Urban Gardening Project. Start an urban gardening project to grow vegetables and herbs, promoting sustainable living.
  38. Sports Equipment Donation Drive. Organize a donation drive for sports equipment for underprivileged schools.
  39. Cultural Exchange Pen Pal Program. Set up a pen pal program with students from a different country.
  40. Local Heritage Preservation Project. Work on a project to preserve a local heritage site or cultural practice.
  41. First Aid Training Workshops. Conduct first-aid training workshops for students and community members.
  42. Recycled Art Competition. Host a competition where participants create art from recycled materials.
  43. Sign Language Workshop. Offer workshops to teach students and teachers basic sign language.
  44. Climate Change Awareness Seminar. Organize a seminar or workshop on climate change and sustainable practices.
  45. Homemade Craft Sale for Charity. Create and sell homemade crafts, with proceeds going to a charitable organization.
  46. Oral History Project. Interview and document stories from elderly community members, preserving local history.
  47. Community Yoga Classes. Lead yoga sessions in a local park, promoting physical health and mental well-being.
  48. Theater Production for Children. Organize a theater production for children in your community or a local school.
  49. Local Wildlife Survey. Conduct a survey or research project on local wildlife and publish your findings to raise awareness.
  50. Photography Exhibition on Social Issues. Create and exhibit a photography series highlighting a social issue in your community.
  51. Sustainable Living Workshops. Host workshops on sustainable living practices, like reducing waste or conserving energy.
  52. Charity Sports League. Set up a sports league where teams participate in various sports to raise money for charity.
  53. Homework Help Club. Start a club where IB students offer homework help to younger students.
  54. Music Lessons for Underprivileged Children. Offer free music lessons to children in underprivileged areas.
  55. Build and Donate Birdhouses. Build birdhouses and donate them to local parks or nature reserves.
  56. A Capella Group for Charity Performances. Form an a capella singing group and perform at local events to raise funds for charity.
  57. DIY Upcycling Workshop. Teach people how to upcycle and reuse household items creatively.
  58. Community Beautification Project. Initiate a project to beautify a neglected area of your community with public art or landscaping.
  59. Cultural Film Series. Organize a series of film screenings that showcase different cultures and discuss the themes afterward.
  60. Health and Fitness Blog. Start a blog focused on health and fitness for teenagers, sharing tips and personal experiences.
  61. Science Fair for Local Children. Organize a science fair for children in your community to foster their interest in STEM fields.
  62. Charity Bake Sale. Host a bake sale with homemade goods, donating the proceeds to a local charity.
  63. Debate Club on Global Issues. Establish a debate club that focuses on global issues and solutions.
  64. Language and Culture Exchange Night. Host an event where students can share their language and culture with others.
  65. Environmental Clean-Up Robot Project. Design and build a simple robot or device to help clean local waterways or parks.
  66. Nutrition and Healthy Eating Campaign. Start a campaign in your school to promote nutrition and healthy eating habits.
  67. Refugee Support Group. Establish a support group for refugees in your community, offering language support and cultural integration activities.
  68. DIY Craft Fair for Charity. Organize a fair where students can sell their DIY crafts, with proceeds going to a charitable cause.
  69. Community Cycling Event. Plan a cycling event to promote physical fitness and raise awareness about eco-friendly transportation.
  70. Social Media Campaign on Mental Health. Launch a social media campaign to spread awareness and reduce stigma around mental health issues among teenagers.
  71. Green Energy Awareness Campaign. Develop an awareness campaign focusing on green energy solutions and sustainable practices in your community.
  72. Inter-School Cultural Festival. Plan and host an inter-school cultural festival that celebrates the diverse cultures represented in your school and local community.
  73. Virtual Reality Educational Experience. Create a virtual reality (VR) educational experience to teach students about significant historical events or scientific concepts.

In my opinion, these ideas are designed to inspire IB students to create projects that are fulfilling and significantly impact their personal growth and the community.

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In conclusion, CAS projects offer creativity, activity, and service opportunities. I encourage you to choose options that resonate with your interests and passions. Remember, these projects are about fulfilling a requirement and shaping your character, skills, and future.

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