Interdisciplinary Topics in Extended Essays

Interdisciplinary EE

As an IB tutor and writer, I’ve had the privilege of guiding students through the challenging process of writing Extended Essays (EEs). One aspect that I find particularly fascinating is the research of interdisciplinary EE topics, where students can combine different disciplines to gain unique insights and perspectives. In this article, I’ll share some insights and interdisciplinary EE topic ideas to inspire IB students.

What Are Interdisciplinary Extended Essays?

Interdisciplinary Extended Essays in the IB DP program offer students a unique opportunity to examine complex issues and phenomena from multiple perspectives. There are three main types of interdisciplinary EEs.

World Studies Extended Essays (WSEE)

WSEEs are based on two or more IB subjects and research a local manifestation of a global issue. These essays are expected to be analytical and critical, focusing on understanding and addressing complex global challenges. Students can choose from various areas of study, including conflict, peace, and security; culture, language, and identity; environmental and economic sustainability; equality and inequality; health and development; and science, technology, and society. WSEEs require students to examine the interconnectedness of different disciplines and offer insights into potential solutions to global problems.

Literature and Performance Extended Essays

Essays in this category offer a critical analysis of adaptations or performances of written texts. Written texts may include novels, poems, stories, essays, articles, or play scripts, while performances may encompass film, theatrical performances, televised series, or computer games. Students can also research the contexts in which written works are conceived. Additionally, they can analyze the author’s purpose in commenting on a particular topic or theme, offering insights into the interplay between literature, performance, and society.

Environmental Systems and Societies Extended Essays (ESS)

ESS essays research the effect of human societies on the natural world. Unlike descriptive essays, ESS essays require critical analysis and evaluation of the relationship between nature and humans. Students are encouraged to dig into case studies or conduct experiments to gain deeper insights into environmental phenomena and their societal implications. You can also contribute to the discourse on environmental sustainability and stewardship by examining the complex interactions between human activities and ecosystems.

Why Choose Interdisciplinary EE Topics?

In my view, interdisciplinary extended essays provide a unique opportunity for IB students to investigate connections between different academic disciplines and break through the boundaries of traditional subject areas. I know from experience that these interdisciplinary studies address complex phenomena and offer a holistic view that incorporates multiple perspectives and methodologies.

According to general IB criteria, interdisciplinary EE involves integrating knowledge and insights from two or more disciplines to address a research question or investigate a phenomenon. Unlike traditional single-discipline essays, which focus on depth within a specific subject area, interdisciplinary works encourage students to research intersections, fostering creativity, critical thinking, and innovation. But why do so many students choose IB Extended Essay cross-discipline topics? Here are the most obvious reasons:

  • One characteristic feature of interdisciplinary EEs is their ability to bridge gaps between disparate fields of study, finding unique connections and patterns.
  • Moreover, interdisciplinary EEs often require students to develop unique skills such as interdisciplinary thinking, research integration, and cross-disciplinary communication.
  • Students working on such essays encounter unexpected connections between disciplines and challenge conventional assumptions.

So, interdisciplinary Extended Essays provide a platform for IB students to cross disciplinary boundaries, engage with different perspectives, and cultivate the skills essential for success in college and career.

interdisciplinary EE topics

Interdisciplinary EE Topic Ideas for IB Students

From my experience, interdisciplinary EE topics captivate readers and evaluators alike with their innovative approaches and interdisciplinary insights. If you decide to work on a cross-discipline Extended Essay, consider these ideas:

  1. Brain-based Learning Strategies for Enhanced Education
  2. Globalization’s Influence on Cultural Identity and Traditions
  3. Climate Change’s Impact on Public Health and Well-being
  4. Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Applications in Healthcare Systems
  5. Sustainable Urban Development: Balancing Environmental Preservation and Urban Growth
  6. Psychology of Advertising: Influencing Consumer Behavior and Decision-making
  7. Genetics in Criminal Justice: DNA Evidence and Legal Proceedings
  8. Gender Pay Gap: Economic Implications and Societal Consequences
  9. Historical Events Shaping Global Diplomatic Relations and Conflicts
  10. Renewable Energy Policy: Strategies for a Greener Future
  11. Food Security and Agriculture: Socioeconomic and Environmental Challenges
  12. Digital Humanities: Preserving Cultural Heritage Through Technology
  13. Social Media’s Impact on Adolescent Mental Health and Well-being
  14. Environmental Justice: Addressing Disparities in Environmental Quality and Access
  15. Interdisciplinary Global Health Approaches: Integrating Medicine, Sociology, and Public Health.
  16. Interdisciplinary Approach to Sustainable Development Goals: Bridging Environmental, Social, and Economic Perspectives
  17. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Workforce Automation and Job Market Dynamics
  18. Space Research: Advancements in Astrophysics and Engineering
  19. Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics: Language Diversity and Cultural Evolution
  20. Evolutionary Biology and Psychology: Human Behavior from an Evolutionary Perspective
  21. Intersection of Art and Technology: Examining the Role of Digital Art in Modern Society
  22. Intersectional Feminism: Analyzing the Interconnectedness of Gender, Race, and Class
  23. Biomedical Ethics: Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare and Biotechnology
  24. Geopolitics of Climate Change: Political Responses to Environmental Challenges
  25. Socioeconomic Impacts of Globalization: Examining Income Inequality and Trade Policies
  26. Impact of Mass Media on Society: Media Influence on Public Opinion and Behavior
  27. Cross-cultural Psychology: Cultural Variations in Mental Health and Well-being
  28. Neurobiology of Addiction: Biological Basis of Substance Abuse and Addiction
  29. Ethnomusicology and Cultural Heritage: Preserving Musical Traditions Worldwide
  30. Green Technology and Sustainable Innovation: Advancing Environmental Solutions Through Technology Integration.
  31. Biodiversity Conservation Strategies in Urban Environments
  32. Sustainable Water Management Practices in Arid Regions
  33. Environmental Impact of Renewable Energy Technologies
  34. Eco-friendly Waste Management Solutions for Urban Areas
  35. Climate Change Adaptation Strategies for Coastal Communities
  36. Analysis of Gender Roles in Shakespearean Plays and Modern Adaptations
  37. The Influence of Cultural Context on Literary Adaptations in Film
  38. Performance Art as Social Commentary: Researching Contemporary Examples
  39. The Role of Music in Enhancing the Emotional Impact of Literature
  40. Cultural Identity in Performance: Researching Dance and Theater from Different Cultures
  41. Conflict Resolution Strategies in Multicultural Societies
  42. Cultural Exchange and Diplomatic Relations: Case Studies in Globalization
  43. Economic Sustainability in Developing Countries: Challenges and Opportunities
  44. Health Inequality and Access to Healthcare: Comparative Analysis of Different Regions
  45. Environmental Conservation and Indigenous Rights: Examining Local Manifestations of Global Issues
  46. Urban Heat Island Effect: Impact on Urban Planning and Public Health
  47. Soil Degradation and Agricultural Sustainability: Case Studies and Solutions
  48. Environmental Justice and Indigenous Communities: Addressing Inequities in Resource Management
  49. The Role of Ecosystem Services in Sustainable Development Goals
  50. Environmental Education and Community Engagement: Promoting Conservation Awareness
  51. Metafiction and Postmodernism: Analysis of Self-Referentiality in Literature
  52. Theatrical Adaptations of Classic Novels: Comparing Narrative Techniques and Themes
  53. Symbolism in Visual Arts and Poetry: Researching Cross-disciplinary Interpretations
  54. The Influence of Performance Art on Social Movements and Activism
  55. Digital Storytelling: Intersecting Literature and Technology in Contemporary Narratives
  56. Cultural Diplomacy and Soft Power: Role of the Arts in International Relations
  57. Socioeconomic Impacts of Global Migration: Case Studies and Policy Analysis
  58. Gender Equality and Development: Examining Progress and Challenges Worldwide
  59. Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Sustainable Resource Management Practices
  60. Technological Innovation and Economic Growth: Balancing Benefits and Risks in a Globalized World

When brainstorming interdisciplinary EE topics, it’s essential to tap into your curiosity and enthusiasm for different subjects. Mind mapping is an effective technique for visually drawing connections between disciplines and potential research avenues. I know from experience that this brainstorming exercise helps you identify novel intersections and sparks innovative ideas for your essay.

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Practical Tips for Writing Interdisciplinary Extended Essays

In my opinion, structuring your interdisciplinary EE requires meticulous planning and organization to ensure coherence and clarity. As I know from experience, the first step is to introduce your research question and provide context for the interdisciplinary approach you’ll be adopting. It sets the stage for the research of diverse perspectives and methodologies.

Also, integrating insights from multiple disciplines in the body of your essay is crucial. It’s about making connections and drawing relevant comparisons to enrich your analysis. By linking together different strands of knowledge, you comprehensively understand the topic.

One of the critical challenges in interdisciplinary research, in my opinion, is managing the complexity and depth inherent in merging different disciplines. To overcome this issue, it’s essential to maintain a clear focus and prioritize key insights that contribute to your overarching thesis. This strategy ensures that your essay remains focused and coherent rather than becoming fragmented or overly broad.

Additionally, according to general IB criteria, familiarizing yourself with the methodologies and terminologies of each discipline is essential. This enables you to communicate effectively across disciplinary boundaries and facilitates the seamless integration of diverse perspectives. By speaking the language of each discipline, you can enhance the credibility and rigor of your interdisciplinary analysis.

Writing an interdisciplinary EE requires careful consideration of structure, integrating insights from multiple disciplines, and adept complexity management. You will write a compelling and insightful essay by following these practical tips and drawing on your own experiences and expertise.


Cross-discipline EE topics offer a rich scenery of investigation for IB students who want to push the boundaries of traditional disciplinary essays. By considering the intersection of multiple disciplines, students gain new insights, perspectives, and opportunities for learning and growth. So, pick your topic and contact our experts from to order a custom-written Extended Essay.