IB Extended Essay Topics: Global Politics

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Studying for the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP), and Global Politics in particular, offers a unique opportunity to dig deep into the complexities of our world. From my extensive experience as an IB writer, I’ve come to appreciate the critical role that the Global Politics extended essay has in this process. It’s a way to understand the intricate network of global relationships, conflicts, and cooperation. Today, I will give you some ideas for extended essay topics in Global Politics.

Understanding IB DP Global Politics Course

Reflecting on my extensive experience with the IB curriculum, it is clear that the Global Politics course is uniquely positioned to give students the analytical skills necessary to analyze pressing global issues. This subject challenges students to critically engage with the world around them, examining the underlying causes and potential solutions to international conflicts, human rights abuses, and environmental crises.

The extended essay in Global Politics is a component of the IB Diploma Programme. Here, students can look deeply into fascinating topics, using their research, analytical, and presentation skills to develop arguments on complex issues. It’s a deep look at real-world issues, allowing students to express their perspectives on issues affecting our collective future. In this academic project, students will investigate a variety of critical areas, including but not limited to:

  • International Relations. Researching the dynamics between countries and analyzing how alliances, conflicts, and treaties shape the global landscape.
  • Global Justice. Examining issues of equity and justice worldwide, including the distribution of resources and access to essential services.
  • Human Rights. Investigating the protection and violation of human rights, understanding the mechanisms to safeguard these rights, and critiquing their effectiveness.
  • Environmental Sustainability. Assessing global environmental challenges, such as climate change and biodiversity loss, and evaluating the strategies employed by international actors to address these issues.
  • Economic Globalization. Analyzing the impact of globalization on economies around the world, including both the benefits and the challenges it presents to different populations.

These topics represent only a fraction of the vast array of topics students might investigate in their Global Politics Extended Essays. Each offers a rich field of inquiry that requires a nuanced understanding of the topic and thoughtful consideration of the various viewpoints and evidence available.

Global Politics Extended Essay Topics to Consider

extended essay topics global politics

Below are some topic ideas, each accompanied by a potential research question. They can inspire thoughtful and comprehensive essays.

  1. The Influence of Social Media on Political Activism. How has social media transformed political activism in the 21st century?
  2. Climate Change Policies and Global Cooperation. To what extent have international agreements been effective in mitigating climate change?
  3. The Role of International Organizations in Conflict Resolution. How effective is the United Nations in resolving international conflicts?
  4. Human Rights Violations in Conflict Zones. What are the impacts of international intervention on human rights violations in conflict zones?
  5. The Politics of Pandemics: A Global Health Perspective. How have political decisions impacted the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  6. Globalization and National Economies. How does globalization affect the economic sovereignty of developing countries?
  7. The Rise of Populism and its Impact on Global Politics. What factors have contributed to the rise of populism, and how has it influenced global political dynamics?
  8. Gender Equality and Global Governance. How effective are international organizations in promoting gender equality?
  9. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Global Security. How effective are current international treaties in preventing nuclear proliferation?
  10. The Impact of Foreign Aid on Developing Countries. What role does foreign aid play in developing countries’ political and economic stability?
  11. Migration and Global Political Policies. How do global political policies affect migration patterns and the treatment of refugees?
  12. Cybersecurity and International Relations. How do cyber attacks shape international relations and global security policies?
  13. Environmental Justice and Indigenous Rights. How are indigenous rights protected in the context of global environmental justice?
  14. Economic Sanctions as a Tool of Foreign Policy. How effective are economic sanctions in achieving foreign policy objectives?
  15. The Role of Youth in Shaping Global Politics. What is the impact of youth activism on shaping global political agendas?
  16. The Influence of Economic Power on Global Politics. How does a country’s economic power influence its global political standing?
  17. Digital Democracy and Citizen Engagement. In what ways has digital technology transformed citizen engagement in democratic processes?
  18. Terrorism and Global Security Measures. How have global security measures evolved in response to international terrorism?
  19. Trade Wars and Their Impact on Global Economic Stability. How do trade wars between major economies affect global economic stability?
  20. Sovereignty in the Age of Globalization. How has globalization challenged the concept of state sovereignty?
  21. The Role of Women in Political Leadership Globally. What impact do women in political leadership positions have on global politics?
  22. Renewable Energy Policies and Global Environmental Goals. How do national renewable energy policies contribute to achieving global environmental goals?
  23. The Effect of Cultural Diplomacy on International Relations. How effective is cultural diplomacy in strengthening international relations?
  24. Media Freedom and Global Politics. How does the level of media freedom within a country influence its international relationships?
  25. Ethnic Conflicts and International Peacekeeping Efforts. How effective are international peacekeeping efforts in resolving ethnic conflicts?
  26. Global Health Crises and International Cooperation. What role does international cooperation play in addressing global health crises?
  27. The Impact of International Sporting Events on National Identity. How do international sporting events like the Olympics impact the national identity of host countries?
  28. The Politics of Historical Memory in International Relations. How does the politics of historical memory affect international relations between countries with a contentious past?
  29. Economic Inequality and Globalization. How has globalization contributed to economic inequality within and between countries?
  30. Artificial Intelligence and Global Warfare. What are the implications of artificial intelligence advancements for global warfare strategies?
  31. Global Water Scarcity and International Conflict. Could global water scarcity lead to increased international conflicts in the future?
  32. The Influence of Non-State Actors on Global Politics. How do non-state actors like multinational corporations and NGOs influence global politics?
  33. Blockchain Technology and Global Financial Systems. What potential does blockchain technology hold for transforming global financial systems?
  34. Cultural Exchange Programs and Their Impact on Global Understanding. How effective are cultural exchange programs in promoting global understanding and peace?
  35. The Political Impact of Climate Refugees. How do climate refugees affect the political landscapes of host countries?
  36. Decolonization and Its Impact on Global Politics Today. What lasting impacts has the process of decolonization had on global politics?
  37. Global Drug Policy and International Relations. How do differing national drug policies impact international relations?
  38. The Politics of Artificial Islands and Territorial Expansion. What are the geopolitical implications of countries building artificial islands for territorial expansion?
  39. The Role of Propaganda in Modern Warfare. How is propaganda used in modern warfare, and how does it impact international relations?
  40. International Law and Cyber Warfare. What challenges does cyber warfare pose to international law and global security?
  41. The Politics of Global Food Security. How do political decisions impact global food security?
  42. The Influence of Celebrity Activism on Global Politics. To what extent does celebrity activism influence policy-making and public opinion on global issues?
  43. Ethical Considerations in Global Genetic Research Policies. What are the ethical considerations in formulating global policies on genetic research?
  44. Global Urbanization and Its Political Implications. How does rapid global urbanization impact political stability in developing countries?
  45. The Future of NATO in Global Politics. What role will NATO play in the future landscape of global politics?
  46. The Effectiveness of Economic Sanctions as a Diplomatic Tool. How have economic sanctions succeeded or failed as tools of diplomacy in specific international conflicts?
  47. The Political Impact of Renewable Energy Adoption. What are the political implications of major shifts towards renewable energy in leading global economies?
  48. The Role of International Courts in Enforcing Human Rights. How effectively have international courts enforced human rights laws across different nations?
  49. Political Consequences of the Global Population Shift. How are global politics influenced by the major demographic shifts occurring worldwide?
  50. The Impact of Global Trade Agreements on Emerging Economies. What role have global trade agreements played in the development strategies of emerging economies?
  51. Nationalism and Globalization: Conflicting or Complementary? How do nationalism and globalization intersect and impact each other in contemporary politics?
  52. The Role of Women in Peacemaking Processes. How have women influenced peacemaking processes in global conflict zones?
  53. The Influence of Diasporas on Homeland Politics. How do diaspora communities influence the political landscapes of their countries of origin?
  54. Global Political Effects of the Internet of Things (IoT). What are the implications of the Internet of Things (IoT) on global security and political sovereignty?
  55. The Political Dynamics of Water Scarcity. How is water scarcity influencing political relations between nations in arid and semi-arid regions?

These topics provide a wide range of research opportunities for IB Global Politics Extended Essays, encouraging students to examine current and relevant issues in depth.

Topics to Read:

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How to Choose a Topic for Your Global Politics EE?

In my extensive experience, I’ve learned that a well-chosen topic significantly affects the depth and quality of your essay. Here’s a comprehensive guide to choosing a suitable theme and getting the most out of your research phase.

Understand Your Interests and Strengths

Firstly, reflect on your interests and strengths. Global Politics covers many subjects, from international relations and human rights to environmental policies and digital governance. Pick a topic that sparks your curiosity and aligns with your strengths. For example, themes related to climate change policies might be a good fit if you’re passionate about environmental issues. This initial alignment ensures you remain motivated throughout the research and writing process.

Conduct Preliminary Research

Before settling on a topic, conduct preliminary research to gauge the availability of sources and data. A topic with scarce resources can become a significant hurdle. Likewise, an overly broad topic can be challenging to manage within the word limit of an Extended Essay. This phase helps narrow your options to a topic that is both researchable and manageable.

Assess the Global Significance

Given the subject area, consider the global significance of your potential topics. The best essays often address international issues or showcase localized events’ global implications. It doesn’t mean you can’t focus on a specific country or region, but your analysis should connect back to broader global trends or issues.

Relevance to Current Affairs

Engaging with current affairs can add a layer of relevance and urgency to your Extended Essay. Topics rooted in recent events or ongoing global debates often provide rich material for analysis. However, ensure that there is enough historical distance for a critical perspective and that you have access to a range of sources for a balanced view.


In short, the extended essay in Global Politics is like a rite of passage for IB students. It challenges you to think critically, argue effectively, and contribute to critical global discussions. I hope my ideas help you choose the perfect topic for your Global Politics extended essay. Also, remember that you can always contact our IB experts if you need help with Extended Essay writing.